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All About Conduit and Accessories: Conduites Accessories conceal electrical wiring and devices from moisture, abrasion, and chemicals to ensure safety against short circuits and damage. More specifically, they are hollow tubes or pipes used to protect and provide the route of electrical wiring whereas accessories and fittings (Coupler, reducer, bend, etc.) helps in installation of Conduits.

Wide-Range Of Electrical Conduits & Accessories To Match All Your Needs

There are many cable conduit types available in the market, some of the categories are listed below:

Flexible metal electrical conduit (Steel and EMT conduits are mainly used)
Non-metal (PVC, Fibre, Plastic, Flex conduits)
Conduit sizes in terms of length (18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm conduits, etc.)
Apart from cable types, the conduit fitting and accessory are also classified as follows:

Conduit box (Pull and junction box)
Flexible conduit connectors
Holder & clamps
With so many varieties of wire conduits available, it is time for you to decide what suits your requirements. To help you buy the best, Ktmelectrics provides huge product catalogue consists of cable conduites, fittings and accessories, everything at wholesale prices!

Best Offers, Great Discounts and Deals Only at Ktmelectrics – The Online Electrical Store

In this competitive market, so many manufacturers claiming themselves the best dealers of conduites and for customers it becomes really difficult to choose amongst them. We aim to eliminate all your difficulties and therefore we bring you trusted brands at our online shop, selling genuine and certified electrical products. We house leading merchants like Precision, delivering quality conduits, pipes, tubes, accessory and fittings at best price in Nepal!

In addition to that, 365 day discounts and exciting offers on bulk orders makes us stand first in the list of electrical suppliers.

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We have included every famous brand’s (Havells, Honeywell, Philips, HPL, Crompton, Hager, ABB, Siemens, GM, etc.) electrical goods and components in our catalogue to ensure our buyers all electrical needs get fulfilled on our website at lowest market price with easy shipment and customised delivery, making us foremost electrical distributors. Glimpse of our varied product range is as follows: Electrical Power Contactors, RCCBS, Capacitors, Wires and Cables, Earthfault protection relays, etc., and to get detailed specifications visit our website and upgrade your purchase with us.

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