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Controlgear – A Basic Idea: Control Gear is a switching device that is used for switching or controlling electrical power circuits. Now, finding all your desired Controlgear products is just a click away. Browse through the extensive range of control gears at and be the first one to get some exceptional benefits from us.

Control Gears and Signalling Devices – Make the Best Purchasing Decision at

Our product catalogue will be incomplete without Electrical Control Gears. With ktmelectrics, you don’t just buy a product and that’s it. The ktmelectrics team will be with you at every time from choosing products till they get dispatched. Whether you need a detailed specification of any of the control-gear product(s) or a convenient payment procedure at every purchase; ktmelectrics is the right place to fulfill all your buying needs.

Controlgear  Products & Signalling Devices– Wide Category

At ktmelectrics, you will find a vast variety of electric Control Gear products and that too, of major leading Brands, so as to have a better idea. Few of the categories of Control Gears from our online electrical stores include:

Auxiliary Contactors
Power Contactors
Capacitor Duty Contactor
Indicating Lamps
Illumination Modules
Push Buttons
Overload Relay

Do Brands Matter? Yes!!
What if you buy some power control gear products or electrical distribution products from a local store or from online untrustworthy source at cheaper price and they get damaged? So, here at ktmelectrics, we assure to give you quality electric goods from some of the trusted Brands mentioned below, so that you don’t face any problem while dealing with our electrical equipments & accessories:

Schneider Electric
C&S, etc.
And most importantly, if you’re getting Brand items at affordable price at Ktmelectrics, where you have some additional facilities to compare, or inquire the products or categories; then why not to purchase from this leading electricals distributor rather than opting for something else.

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Make the first move with ktmelectrics Team and shop for some of the exceptional quality products (including LED Lights, LV Switchgears, Plugs Sockets, Wires, etc.) from this latest E-commerce Website and experience a stellar customer service from our team.

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