Summer Can Exhaust You, But Not Ktmelectrics!

Quality, style and price are the three important things to consider while buying a fan. At Ktmelectrics, we offer a wide range of fans that are excellent in all these parameters.

Why electrical fans?

ACs are a costly affair. Everyone can’t afford it as it would cause a huge amount of electricity bill. No more worry. A quality fan can be an alternative to it. Fans don’t just keep you cool, but they can also enhance the beauty of your ceiling or wall, whether it is a home or an office. Check out a wide range of fans we offer you.

A wide range of optimum quality fans to meet your need

Whether you need a ceiling fan with beautifully designed blades or a wall fun that can circulate the air at very high speed, we have a wide range of fans to meet your need. If you don’t have a facility made to install a ceiling fan, a pedestal fan can be an ideal choice you can make. We offer pedestal fans at attractive prices.

If you’re looking for a fan for your small cube, a table fan can be the best choice. If you need an exhaust fan to have odourless and moisture free rooms, make an affordable buy on Ktmelectrics.

Whether you need a branded fan for your office or home or industrial space, we have of fans of all major brands, including Crompton fans, to meet your requirement. The fans we sell are ENERGY STAR rated and exceptional in blade pitch, blade finish and motor quality.

Here is a list of fans we offer you:

Ceiling fans
Table fans
Pedestal fans/stand fans
Wall fans
Exhaust fans

Why choose Ktmelectrics to buy an electric fan?
  • Incredible discount and best of on-time delivery
  • Hassle-free ordering for an amazing shopping experience
  • Customized delivery for your maximum convenience
  • High quality fans at highly competitive prices
  • Multiple payment options, including net banking and debit card
  • Rate Contract, a specialized feature to offer you a particular product at the same price over a specified period of time
  • Order On Credit, a specialized policy wherein you need not make payment every time you buy from us
  • We are an emerging electric product supplier, distributor, dealer and wholesaler in Nepal
  • Whether you’re looking to buy a fan or sell your fans on our platform, we can offer you the best rates.

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