1. What is ktmelectrics.com?
    ktmelectrics.com is a free online Electrical e-commerce platform that gives access to unlimited buyers and sellers to trade and expand their business.
  1. How can I make an online store inside Ktmelectrics.com?
    The completion of every sign-up process automatically generates one unique store inside the user’s profile. You need to click to the shop to edit all the new information.
  1. Do I need to submit legal document to open the store?
    ktmelectrics.com gives free access to sell and shop to everyone. You don’t need to submit legal papers, bank detail, card information etc to open the store and start selling. But, if you want to get verified/featured badge in your profile then you have to submit few documents.
  1. What is the difference between featured vendor and normal vendor?
    Featured vendor is that vendor who has a green badge in their profile. They are also called the assured/trusty ktmelectrics.com fully takes the risk while buying goods from these vendors.
  1. How to create an online shop inside ktmelectrics.com?
    You need to follow these steps to create an online shop in ktmelectrics.com. Please read up to the end.

Step 1: Click the login/register bottom to get into the Login and Sign up POP UP.

Step 2: You can see the two options in that POP UP, where face book and Google directly give access to enter into our site. OR else press the Sign Up bottom to access through email.

Step 3: You will be redirected to dashboard if you login with facebook and Google. But you need to fill more information if you are from email.

Step 4: Add more information about yourself in your edit profile section. Similarly, put all the necessary information inside your shop. Then start adding new products. We provide full ecommerce facilities and features for product addition and shop maintenance.

For more information on getting verified and featured tick please visit “Seller Tips for Nepal

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