Terms and conditions ( TnC) For sellers

  1. Dashboard Management
    1. Vendors are requested not to share their login credentials with unauthorized person.
    2. Vendors are encouraged to upload their profile & banner image inside the dashboard and maintain their social profile. But not requested to change the store name once it is set.
    3. Vendors must provide accurate product information while adding, modifying a product. Variations like ( size, color, SKU, price, stock ) etc must maintain accordingly.
  2. Order Processing
    1. Vendors will be notified by auto-mail when buyer place an order. Vendors can also view the details of their new order in order section inside the dashboard. After then Vendors need to check the quality of the product put the QC sticker and change the order status from Processing to Onhold. VAT/PAN bill needs to be generated and clearly mention the date, buyers name, Size, order quantity, the amount in both words and number.
    2. Vendor will be informed through about pickup once the order is confirmed. Ktmelectrics shipping client will hand the confirmation paper of pickup once they receive the ordered product from pickup location.
    3. The quality check of the collected product is done in our collection center and then released from the collection center to delivery point.
  3. Pickup Policy
    1. Ktmelectrics will be responsible for picking up the ordered item from vendors pick up location and will deliver to the customer address.
    2. Ktmelectrics may assign vendors to drop down the ordered product in our nearest collection center in future.
    3. Pickup staff has full permission from ktmelectrics.com to see the product during Pickup.
    4. Handling wrong/defective/damaged product may lead this contract termination.
  4. Payment policy:
    1. Payments are done once a week for prepaid purchase if not payments are settled twice a month.
    2. Ktmelectrics charges its commission on total bill amount.
    3. Ktmelectrics deposits the net balance of a vendor after deducting commission charge on it.
    4. Vendors must generate ( VAT/PAN) bill in the name of the customer. Ktmelectrics only facilitates the buying and selling activity of two entity but do not evolves buying and selling itself.
    5. Ktmelectrics is not responsible for any kind of taxes that needs to be paid by vendors and client.
    6. Ktmelectrics won’t assure any kind payment done by vendor and client outside ktmelectrics.com
    7. Ktmelectrics won’t take any type of responsibility of a product order, shipping and payment done outside of ktmelectrics.com
  5. Return and Exchange policy:
    1. The cancelled product will be returned within 15 days.
    2. The product on the sealed pack which is tampered or broken won’t be returned or refund.
  6. Liability related to product sold
    1. The vendor will be liable to provide the warranty/guarantee and post-sale service (if mentioned).
    2. The vendor will not be paid for the returned product, the vendor will get their product back.
  7. Copyright issue
    1. Here (www.ktmelectrics.com) holds all type of  right to promote the image, description, content etc of listed product from various sources in own way.
  8. Commission charge
    1. ktmelectrics.com takes 3-50% Commission charge from vendors depending upon the nature of the product. Vendors will find the commission charge in their contract.
  9. Right of Independence
    1. Ktmelectrics gives high values to its vendors and do not force any vendors to sell their product only in our site. We respect the feelings of each and every stakeholders and won’t play with their dignity and try to be transparent as much as we can. Ktmelectrics is an online marketplace which gives full permission to vendor to change, modify the content, price, variations, status of product as per their will.  Here Ktmelectrics want to clear to vendor/stakeholders that Ktmelectrics does not have any kind of right to change the price of product, to change the product information without vendor consent. So, Ktmelectrics also wants to clear to all our stake holders that; Ktmelectrics won’t participate in any kind of discussion on the topic of difference in market price and online price in future. We suggest every vendor and customer to go through terms and condition before selling/ purchasing.

*Note: Ktmelectrics.com believes that all the vendor who are registering in our website have gone through this terms and condition. And we assume that all the vendor who are registering in our site accept our terms and condition.  All the vendors are informed during the change of Terms and condition through different means.  

Terms & Conditions  ( TnC) For Buyers

  1. Buyers must contact to our customer center within 3 days of delivery to get refund.
  2. 5% processing charge and Shipping charge will be deducted from refund amount if the product is returned because of customer’s carelessness.
  3. Refund are done through bank, wallet and cash.
  4. Buyers will be refunded fully in following cases
    1. If the product is not delivered on time
    2. If the described product does not match
    3. If the product is damage.

*Note: Ktmelectrics.com believes that all the buyers who are buying in our website have gone through this terms and condition. And we assume that all the buyer who are buying in our site accept our terms and condition.  

Additional Tips

  1. Ktmelectrics.com is an open type digital shop which is created for all kinds of sellers and buyers who are focused on upgrading their business through the internet. We basically have two type of sellers on our site. The first one is verified/featured sellers and another is an unverified seller. Verified sellers are preference sellers who are genuine in nature. These sellers will provide you bill, have own store with a phone number and deliver to your doorstep. On the other side, unverified sellers are those sellers who might not give you same service like verified seller. The website company do not assure guarantee and has no any mutual relation with the unverified seller.
  2. Ktmelectrics.com covers risk on behalf of the verified vendor if the products are below the defined level. We guarantee fast delivery and same quality as per the description. So we encourage all our buyers to buy from verified/featured seller. We highly suggest buyers to check product ratings, discussions and vendor information before buying any products.
  3. Featured seller/vendors are those sellers who have featured badge on their profile. This means they have tick mark along with a bold letter (FEATURED VENDOR) near profile image of the shop.
  4. Sellers (Verified and Unverified) account will be block or permanently deleted if they cannot provide products as per the description. Buyer’s feedback is given higher preference.
  5. We encourage all the sellers to get verified tick mark on their profile. This helps them to grow their business and get help from Ktmelectrics.

How to get verified tick mark

There are four steps to get this verification tick mark on the profile.

  1. Vendors need to upload VAT, PAN number or government supporting documents like ID.
  2. Email, social media and Phone number verification is another important step.
  3. Location verification is last step to get verified tick mark. Vendors need to show their warehouse/ building/ shop /showroom or any kinds of physical location to do so.
  4. Vendors need to update their bank details by adding information under payment setting. Here is the link to payment settings: https://ktmelectrics.com/vendor_dashboard/settings/payment/
  5. To Start verification process please go here: https://ktmelectrics.com/vendor_dashboard/settings/verification/

For any information or issue please feel free to contact us!

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