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Secure the current flow of Electrical Appliances with Genuine Wires & Cables

Wire and cable are the two important component of an electric appliance, it helps to supply the required current flow for an particular appliance & restricting the damage caused by current overflow. Wire & Cable both holds similar object perform the same functionality but, it vary from its feature.
An electric wire is an electric conductor majorly used by an appliances holds lesser voltage to perform but, An Electric Cable consist a group of wires to carry large voltage of current flow used in relevant electric appliances.
Originally a wire and cable were used only to carry electrical current, but now are used for various other purposes like to control current flow, voltage management, earthing and so on.

Types of Wires & Cables vary from its Electric Appliance.

As Electrical Appliances and its required specifications will always vary from an each individual products as the same as in Wires & Cables & its functionalities. To make users educate & ourself to quick recognize about the products it has been classified into different segments based on suitable appliances. Hence, various kinds of Wires & Cables introduced in terms of recognizable name such as.

Single Core Cables

  • House Wiring
  • Industrial Cables
Pair Cables

Multicore Cables

Among out of those listed types of Wires & Cables, might prefer the one exactly looking for relevant appliances & buy electric wires & cables online at Ktmelectrics.com. We at Ktmelectrics, are one of the leading top brand electric wires & cables supplier, dealer & distributor in Nepal provide all sorts of genuine wires & cables at best discounted prices.

Top Brand Products Ktmelectrics Deals With

Great White Electricals
RR Kabel

Our Best Selling & Most Rated Electric Wires & Cables

Finolex 1030201 Single Core Copper Flexible Cable
Finolex 1030202 Single Core Copper Flexible Cable
Polycab POLY_1_CU_1C_MS_FR_B_90 Single Core Copper Flexible Cable
Finolex 1030202 Single Core Copper Flexible Cable
Finolex 1030201 Single Core Copper Flexible Cable

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